A lecture entitled (Use of impeller barriers in drilling oil wells)

The Faculty of Petroleum Engineering at the Syrian Private University organized a training lecture presented by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hadid entitled "Use of dredging barriers in the drilling of oil wells". On Saturday, 20/2/2016 at the headquarters of the temporary college Institute of Martyr Bassel al-Assad.

The lecture dealt with the use of contraindications and the causes of oil and gas surges in wells and their impact on the environment and workers in the drilling unit. It included an explanation on:

- Types of handrails and method of operation manually and hydraulically

- Sequence and installation of impeller barriers

- How to handle and control impulses

- A film showing a rush in an oil field.

The Syrian University thanks Professor Mahmoud Hadid for this valuable lecture and wishes him success and further tender

Attachement Files

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