The participation of Prof. Dr. Talal Nahlawi in the third Baghdad conference of root fillers in Iraq

At the generous invitation of the Association of root fillers and the Iraqi Dental Association, Dr. Talal Al Nahlawi, in addition to many international and local lecturers participated in the 3rd Baghdad Conference for root fillings held in Baghdad between 19-20 /

Where he gave two lectures on the treatment of the dental pulp and dealt with the topics of opening the ciliary chamber and treatment of abnormal channels, as well as to clarify the techniques of dealing with the root canal calcined and curved with the treatment of the methods of conducting the processing of the core cases of failed treatment and eventually were introduced many cases where the treatment of pests Large size with avoid oral surgery.

The conference was attended by a large number of dentists, with more than 1,000 dentists attending the conference

The Syrian Private University wishes Dr. Talal Al Nahlawi further excellence and success

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