Starting the practical side of the dental implant course

The Dental Implant Course, organized by the College of Dentistry, started on 27/08/2016 and will continue for two days. The students enrolled in the course and the winners will be divided into seven categories of 21 participants .

At the beginning of each laboratory session, a half-hour presentation will be made, which includes the scientific procedures in implantation and then implantation with its compensatory stage by the supervisor.

Each student applies a laboratory implant and sets up its parts to compensate for special examples, using special laboratory implants and special compensation parts. The prints of each participant are taken in two ways (open character and closed nature), so that each participant can transplant and compensate in vitro.

It is worth mentioning that this course is free and directed to the students of the Syrian Private University and the students of the other private and governmental universities and aims to provide the important scientific and practical material for them in the field of dental implants and develop their skills and qualify them to practice the profession professionally in the future.

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