An inspection tour conducted by the Vice President for Scientific Affairs to Damascus Hospital

The Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Scientific Research, Dr. Riyad Al-Ghazi visited the Damascus Hospital to inspect the progress of the educational process and clinical training for the students of the Faculty of Medicine.

The tour included accompanying the dean of the college and some of its students from the fourth, fifth and sixth years with their mentor d. Ali Hamidoush, for patients to be followed by the research group and the specialist professor.

The visit also examined the case of a patient with obstructive jaundice and the clinical examination of the case, which the students analyzed and diagnosed, taking into account the ethics associated with the doctor's profession.

Professor Mohamed Riad Al-Ghazi dedicated part of the visit to attend part of the theoretical and practical training in the framework of the "recovery cycle" Fadi Al-Abdeh to prepare trainers in this field. The trainer presented an explanation of the methods of recovery and its precautions and errors to avoid circulating, including examples and images and practical means of doing so.

The visit ended with a working meeting with the research group at Al-Mujtahad Hospital, attended by Dr. Dean and Dr. Kamal Hamasneh, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Assem Qubtan, d. Bahgat Akroush, d. Ali Hamidoush, d. Saad Al-Fartousi, d. Maan Haidar, d. Hassan Makhoul

The meeting dealt briefly with the activities of the work team at Al-Mujtahid Hospital, especially the medical clinical education, which showed a clear distinction to the Syrian Private University, expressed by the members of the working team through the results of the students of the university and through their efforts and their keenness on their belonging and pride in their university

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