Visit of Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Dr.. Talal Nahlawi to Erbil

At the invitation of the Syndicate of Dentists in Iraqi Kurdistan Dr. Talal Al Nahlawi participated with a number of international and local lecturers at the first international Kurdish Dental Conference in Erbil between 12 and 13 May 2016. The conference was attended by a large number of participants, Iraq.

Dr. Talal was invited as a key lecturer and gave a valuable lecture entitled "Clinical Tips in Endodontics" in which he discussed many clinical cases of general practitioner interest and improved his performance in the core treatments. Dr. Talal has the vitality and youthful spirit and focuses on the clinical experience that the dentist benefits from. His lecture concludes with a tradition that he preserves as he takes a commemorative photograph of his presence with the conference participants.

The remarkable attendance and high scientific reputation of Dr. Talal Nahlawi, with constant reference to his work in the city of Damascus, and in the Syrian Private University as a distinguished university in Syria.

Attachement Files

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