A workshop for Dr. Mounir Abbas entitled "Masters"

 Dr. Munir Abbas - head of human resources department at the faculty of business administration and chairman of the Institute of human resources management presented the opening workshop entitled "Master" at the first conference of postgraduate studies on 12 November 2016 - in Rida Said Hall in cooperation between the faculty of business administration at the Syrian Private University, the Institute of human resources management and the OSF which is organizing the exhibition.

Dr. Abbas clarified during the workshop the importance of studying the master and the difference between the academic master and the executive master and, the difference between the degree of philosophical and doctoral degree.

He also asserted the most important places which provide scholarships for which the Syrian university students can apply. Finally, the workshop concluded with the most important standards for the success of the European and American Scholarships, and then he answered the audience's questions.

Attachement Files

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