Meeting of the university president with members of the educational body

A meeting was held on 7/1/2014 between the Rector Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sheikh Issa and administrative staff at the faculties and directorates in the presence of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs Prof. Dr. Adel Nofal and Dr. Marwan El-Hajji, Vice President for Administrative Affairs and Students. There was a speech by the President of the University in which he addressed several important axes. First, he spoke about the importance of commitment in working hours as we work in an educational institution and the educational process is sacred. He also talked about the relationship with the students, which must be a civilized relationship based on respect, tact and good dealing.

Professor Abdul Razzaq stressed the importance of the role of the employees in the success of any institution. The success of the university is linked to the role played by all its employees as one team in pursuit of its success which is a success for all employees.
The President of the University also spoke about the examination process and the importance of creating a cultural examination environment in which the student can perform their exams with integrity and transparency and with a very comfortable atmosphere that helps the student to focus. This requires the cooperation of all parties, employees, teachers and students to achieve a high level of integrity in the exams. The university president spoke about the periodic evaluation that will be conducted to evaluate the performance of all employees in order to develop performance and accountability of the short and reward the dedicated in his work.

This was followed by a speech by Dr. Marwan Al-Hajji, who spoke about the importance of investing time in work and commitment to full time and also all the instructions and instructions to reach a high level of performance that necessarily contributes to raising the level of the university.

Prof. Adel Nofal spoke about the relationship with the student and the integrity of the exams and many important topics for the development of administrative work at the university. Finally, the university president listened to the views and suggestions of the staff and answered all their questions and promised similar subsequent meetings to enhance communication within the university family.

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