Meeting of the Deanship of the Faculty of Pharmacy members of the faculty of the Faculty of Pharmacy

The Deanship of the Faculty of Pharmacy held a meeting with the members of the College of Education on 8/2/2014.

The teaching process and exams were first evaluated in the first quarter of 2013/2014

The department heads evaluated the performance of the faculty members in each department in terms of the teaching burden, the content of the courses, and the extent to which they adhere to the rules governing the teaching process.

The level of evaluation was very good with some minor gaps that would be remedied in Chapter II.

The Dean of the College praised the members of the faculty for their commitment to the instructions of the university presidency in terms of questions, content, number and extent of comprehensiveness of the curriculum, as well as their commitment to examinations, which reduced the number of examinations.

The second part of the meeting discussed the requirements of the next phase in the second semester 2013-2014. The Dean stressed the need to implement the decisions of the Council of the League in terms of:

- Determining the Arabic and English scientific references for each course. The electronic book should be prepared electronically (CD) if possible until the electronic library has been prepared. The content of the courses distributed to the students should be as comprehensive as possible and secured to students before giving lectures.

- Emphasize the establishment of a scientific day for the Faculty of Pharmacy, in which professors, faculty members and students participate in their scientific activities.

- Encouraging faculty members to contact national pharmaceutical companies to enable students to familiarize themselves with the stages of the national pharmaceutical industry

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