To meet the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry with the students of the College

he Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry held a meeting with the students of the College on Saturday, in which Dr. Marwan Al-Hajji, Vice President for Administrative Affairs and students participated.

The meeting was held in two parts: the first was a meeting with students of the fourth and fifth years who shared common concerns in the clinical work in the clinics on the one hand and their work according to the quarterly system. The vice president spoke about the university administration's determination to improve the university level And the students' cooperation. He also answered students' questions about the need to speed up the equivalence of courses for students moving from other universities, speeding up issuance of graduates' documents, working to avoid some gaps in the implementation of the new electronic system, and ensuring the maximum speed of technical problems in the Clinics. As for the students' questions related to the college's affairs, they were written by the college administration and the emphasis was placed on meeting the right requirements directly such as providing materials for work in clinics in sufficient quantities and distributing them in the appropriate and fair manner. And work must be done to follow up its implementation.

The meeting was held in the second part with the students of the first, second and third years, which are combined with the system of credit hours. In view of the recent application of this system at the college, Prof. Ali Skaf, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics at the University, presented a lecture on the system of credit hours with tips for students to master their dealings with the requirements of this system. The students' questions, which are mostly correct and recorded, were then listened to and confirmed to be processed at maximum speed, including the provision of materials for the dentistry course.

All the participants in this meeting expressed their importance and usefulness in the interest of the student first.

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