A scientific trip for the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy to Ibn Zuhr Pharmacy

The Deanship of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Syrian Private University in cooperation with the Directorate of Public Relations at the University organized a scientific trip for the fifth year students at the Faculty of Pharmacy to Ibn Zuhr Pharmacy under the supervision of Dr. Rashid Al-Munajjid on Thursday, March 13, 2014

At the beginning, the students were welcomed in the lab and then a presentation was made to the laboratory, which shows the laboratory, its stages, the production stages of the drug, the companies that the laboratory deals with, the privileges that it can obtain, and the types of drugs it produces.

Then the students were divided into two groups to visit the production department, warehouses and other group to visit the laboratory section under the supervision of the technical director Dr. Ola and a group of pharmacists in the lab

In the production department, students are introduced to the stages of drug making, starting from the stores of raw materials through sterilization, sorting, and weighing until filling

In the laboratory section, students were introduced to the chemical and microbiological laboratory, water treatment units and other sections of the material analysis and to extract the required weights accurately.

The students expressed their interest in the practical training of the students as well as the theoretical lessons in order to enhance their practical experience and enable them to achieve excellence in the job market after graduation.

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