Honoring participants in the ACM SYPU-CPC

The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sheikh Issa, invited the students participating in the ACM SYPU-CPC program competition held at Wadi University on 30/5/2015 in addition to Dr. Fadi Ibrahim, the supervisor of students in this competition. Marwan Al-Hajji and Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering, Dr. Ali Skaf.

The President praised the achievements of the students of the Syrian Private University in the competition and congratulated them for their advanced positions. He also encouraged them to exert more efforts to achieve the first positions in the upcoming competitions. He also thanked Dr. Fadi Ali for his efforts in supervising the students and encouraging them to participate. And achieve these distinctive results.

The session concluded by presenting certificates of thanks and appreciation to Dr. Fadi Ibrahim and the students who participated in this competition.

Attachement Files

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