A lecture entitled GPS system and its practical importance in the early stages of oil exploration

In the framework of the scientific activities of the College of Petroleum Engineering and its interest in promoting and developing the scientific and practical skills of the students and graduates, the College organized a lecture entitled "GPS system and its practical importance in the early stages of oil exploration." Presented by Prof. Yousef Radwan, Dr. Marwan Al-Hajji, Vice-Dean for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Riyad Al-Ghazi, Dean of the College, Dr. Amer Ghobra, and a number of faculty members and students on Saturday 12/12/2015.

The lecture included a historical overview of the global positioning system, its purpose, its components, fields of use, advantages, how it works, its principle, how to calculate the time of the signal from the artificial satellites to the receivers of this signal, and how the DGPS system developed, raising the accuracy of the location to only centimeters. The lecture also addressed the importance of the GPS system in the field of oil and gas exploration, extraction and transportation. He presented examples of modern applications in the Syrian Arab Republic and concluded with the future prospects for using this system in rehabilitating the facilities of the oil sector and the promising future oil and gas discoveries in the Syrian territorial waters.

The Syrian Private University is grateful to Mr. Youssef Radwan for the valuable information he provided to the students and wishes him the best of luck

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