Congratulation from the President of the University to the students of medicine and pharmacy students who passed the unified medical examination

A new excellence and distinction by distinction is written by the Syrian Private University's students, the faculties of medicine and pharmacy students, who have written once again a distinctive success.

The results of unified medical examination of October 2016 session revealed, with proud and delight, the distinctive success of our medicine and pharmacy students.

The passing percentage of attendees in the Faculty of Medicine was:74.24   %.

The passing percentage of attendees in the Faculty of Pharmacy was: 76.66%.

It is worthy to mention  that the passing percentage of the examination's first time attendees in:

The Faculty of Medicine was: 97.43 %.

The Faculty of Pharmacy was: 91.9%.

Cordial congratulations to our dear students, to the deanships and teachers of the medicine and pharmacy faculties in the Syrian Private University. We wish all of our students steady success and distinction.

President of the University

Prof. Dr. Mohamad Riad Al Ghazzi

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