The Syrian Private President of the Universitys word to the occasion of the start of the academic year 2016 - 2017

Dear students

My colleagues, the teaching staff and the university's employees

I avail the opportunity of the start of the academic year to congratulate all university students, in particular our   sons, the newcomers who attend their first academic year, and praise their specialization choices as future physicians, pharmaceutist, engineers and managers. You will shoulder the responsibility of bringing our beloved Syria to the front among modern nations.

At the beginning of this blessed academic year, I welcome you in one of our homeland high institutions which are proud of you and your belongings to it.

Dear students, you look up your future and stand upon a new threshold of giving and granting. Every academic year of yours should be a step toward distinction and superiority, through which you probe and analyze your previous experience and get stronger in the coming year.

At the beginning of this academic year you look up new ambitions and dreams, and thrive for to realizing them.

Dear students, you are preparing yourselves to be solid component of your society and one of its ripe fruits. You have to work seriously and to be beneficial to yourselves, your society, and interactive with our homeland for developing it.

Dear Students,

The university role is not restricted just to give you information, but to providing with abilities, skills and thoughts to gain knowledge throughout your long and successful lives, by God's will.

I demand you to acquire science always, because it is all nations' weapon for progress. Beloved Syria expects from you as its loyal sons who are armed with science and knowledge to lead its progress march, to raise its status and to realize its people ambitions toward a better future.

Competition among nations is now based on scientific progress achieved by a nation. Syria with its history,

civilization and its sons can march in the coming phase to scientific horizons capable to advance to a merited place among nations.

Dear teaching and technical staff, I demand you to support the teaching and research process in the university to make our university an experience house that contributes in the progress, development of our society, solves its problems, and concentrates on the role of scientific research in the university to occupy an advanced place in world universities classification.

When we talk about the university, we mean all of you with no exception, since the university's success is actually the success of its students and employees. Since, any failures may indeliberately happen, God forbid, will be negatively reflected unfortunately on all, so save our university because it is our ship altogether.

Dears all

I extend you a blessed greeting wishing our dear students and honored university's teachers and employees, an academic year full of seriousness, diligence, success and prospection of the best means to enhance and raise the level of higher education and scientific research, which represents the solid base for scientific, cultural, knowledge and values construction of mankind societies.

I repeat my congratulation to the occasion of the new academic year. Thank you all. May God save you, our university and our beloved homeland.

We ask almighty to guide luckily our steps.

President of the University

Prof. Dr. Mohamad Riad Al Ghazzi

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