Informative Workshop about Business Game

 The Syrian Private University, in cooperation with the National Union of Syrian Students (SNU), is organizing a workshop on Business Game for business administration students, which aims at linking the theoretical knowledge obtained by the students of the college with their practical applications in the business environment. The competition is divided into groups where each group represents its own company (general manager, production manager, marketing manager, financial manager, etc.). During the competition, a series of competitive rounds is conducted between companies that are given equal capital The beginning of the competition, and the students during the tours (Management, marketing, financial management, etc.) to increase their returns and profits through the right decisions they make in each round, until we reach the final round where the company that has the most revenue and profit that has the largest Capital to be the winner of the competition.

The workshop will be held on Monday at 4:00 pm
Location: Layeek Theater
Trainer: Dr. Taher Hassan
For those wishing to participate, please fill in the form 
With our best wishes
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